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Benefits distribution ceremony of 2014 under Child Sponsorship Program at Narayangonj

On 25 April 2014 The Optimists, Narayangonj has organized its Ist half benefits distribution ceremony of 2014 under Child Sponsorship Program at Nabigonj Girls High School, Bandar, Narayangonj. The program starts at 9 a.m and ended at 1200a.m. That was presided over by the Addl district director The Optimists, Narayangonj Mozahar Uddin Tuku. Mr. Mohammad Ali, Vice President, BOD, PHQ was the Chief Guest. Major General Abdus Salam Chowdhury, ndc(retd), Country Director, The Optimists, BD Br was the Special Guest. Following honorable personnel were also invited to make the program ornamental & successful.

1. Adv. Asaduzzaman Asad, PP, Narayangonj Judge Court.
2. Md Tarik Hossain, Former President, Narayangonj Zila Somiti, Uttar America.
3. Mr Shamsur Rahman, Canadian Citizen.

Other than those some of the local elites were also present in the occasion.

Following members of the Optimists, Narayangonj district and
Bangladesh Branch were also present and took great role for the

1. Haji Md Yousuf Miah. Director Finance, The Optimists, Narayangonj.
2. Md Kamrul Hassan, Project Director, Social Welfare, The
Optimists, Narayangonj.
3. Md Nurul Islam, Addl District Director, The Optimists, Narayangonj
4. Adv. Shariful Islam Shiplu, Director Finance, The Optimists, BD Br
5. Md Alam Khan, Director, Public Relation & Information, The Optimists, BD Br
4. A K M Saidul Karim, Secretary, The Optimists, BD Br

Total 40 numbers of children with their guardians were present the program.IMG_0015 (19) IMG_0019 IMG_0020 (30) IMG_0025 (41) IMG_0026 IMG_0027 (47) IMG_0028 (49) IMG_0032 IMG_0036 (89) IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0043 IMG_0046

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TheOptimists Documentary directed by- Shahjahan Siraj

The documentary on the success story of ‘The Optimists’ on child sponsorship for Poor children’s educatio. The Optimist a non-profit and self-motivated volunteer driven USA based charity organization. The primary objective of “The Optimists” is to salvage the Bangladeshi children whose hopes, possibilities and future have been snatched by poverty, broken families, lost parents and numerous anomalous social conditions.

The Optimists’ observations, Bangladeshi rural children mostly born in poverty and are deprived of education, food and healthcare. They are often abused, neglected and forced into child labor. These children have been robbed of their potentials and are pushed into a hopeless future plagued with disease, unemployment and premature death.

The Optimists run its ‘Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)’ with the money of sponsors that has been donated annually. All the money of sponsorship goes to the children without any deduction. Organization’s other expenses are met by the donation colleted from the patrons and volunteers.

The documentary has been name with the name of organization itself. It portrays the story of children go received the support. However it highlighted background, ongoing initiatives and future plan as well with the voice of children, Bangladeshi reality and coordination team’s experiences sharing.

The documentary has been directed by Shahjahan Siraj with team of Machizo Multimedia on 2008.

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